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Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer by a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, or Opera) at the request of the site you are viewing. This allows the site you are viewing to remember certain things about You. For example, your settings and history, or keep you logged in when you visit the site the next time you don't need to enter your username and password.


Cookies can be stored on your computer for a short period of time (for example, while your browser is open) or for a long period of time, even for years. Cookies set by other sites will not be available to us.


OUR USE OF COOKIES uses cookies for many things, including:


* Registration and maintenance of your settings. This includes the ability to remain logged in to this site on repeated visits, as well as displaying the site in Your chosen language and style.

• Data analysis. Allows us to determine how people use the site and improve it if possible.

* Advertising cookies (possibly from a third party). If this site displays ads, cookies may be set by advertisers to determine who viewed the ads or other similar things and when. These cookies may be installed by third parties, in which case this site is not able to read or write these cookies itself.

• Other third-party cookies for things like sharing content with Facebook or Twitter. These files are usually installed by a third party independently, so this site will not be able to access them.




A list of the main cookies that we install on your computer/phone:


• xf_csrf. Stores Your unique token, which is used to verify that the actions you perform on this site are performed by you.

• xf_session. Stores the ID of your current session.

• xf_user. Stores Your unique key, which allows you to remain logged in to the site when you move from page to page.




Additional cookies may be set during the use of the site to remember information when performing certain actions or when saving certain settings.


Other cookies may be set by third-party service providers that may provide information such as anonymous tracking, or may be set using content embedded in certain pages, such as YouTube or other media service providers.




Cookies and their settings must be managed within the settings of your browser. Here are links to guides on how to do this in popular browsers:


* Microsoft Internet Explorer

• Microsoft Edge

• Mozilla Firefox

• Google Chrome

* Safari for macOS

* Safari for iOS




To learn more about cookies and find other additional information about them, please visit the Wikipedia page.